Joan Comamala
Architecture and Projects
Architect/Building engineer

Jaume Sabé
Refurbishing and Rehabilitation
Building engineer

Rafa Suanes
Rehabilitation and Maintenance
Building engineer

Gerard Izquierdo


Joan Ovejero / Joan Flotats
structural engineer

Paco Nuñez

Pilar Olivares
interior designer


Is a technical architecture studio born from the collaboration of different professionals to embrace different specialties, assess and implement any project required creating synergy between the different multidisciplinary experts involved.
LINE/OUT ensures personalized attention to the needs and requirements of the client, advising and developing quality projects with intensive monitoring work execution, carried out by efficient professionals.


The concept of LINE/OUT arises from the translation of “tracing” or “sketch” , according to the traditional idea of architecture.
LINE/OUT commitment to creative, innovative and organic designs. Working with efficient and functional system, considering sustainability, environmental and economic impact. We take special attention to the detail, the finishing and the proper execution of the designs.